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  • Agromart in Porreres
    Agromart in Porreres
    Production and sale of season fruits and vegetables.
  • Agromart in Campos
    Agromart in Campos
    Production and sale of season fruits and vegetables.
  • Agromart in Santanyi
    Agromart in Santanyi
    Agromart loves the earth.
  • Agromart in Sineu
    Agromart in Sineu
    From farmer to consumer directly without intermediaries
  • Agromart in Artà
    Agromart in Artà
    Agromart offers local products
  • Agromart in Pollença
    Agromart in Pollença
    Direct from fields to consumer
  • Agromart in Marratxí
    Agromart in Marratxí
    Neu Agromart shop in Sa Cabaneta-Marratxi
  • Agromart in Calvià
    Agromart in Calvià

    Agromart shop in Portals Nous.

  • Agromart in  Sóller
    Agromart in Sóller

    Agromart shop in Sóller

  • Agromart in Palma
    Agromart in Palma

    Agromart shop in Secar de la Real

  • Agromart in Binissalem
    Agromart in Binissalem

    Agromart shop in Binissalem

  • Agromart in Villafranca
    Agromart in Villafranca

    Agromart shop in Villafranca, next to restaurant Es Cruce.

From farmer to consumer directly
no intermediaries

tractor vegetables

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AGROMART is a company created by four young farmers from Porreres, and it is engaged in the production and sale of fruit and vegetables.




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